Travel Mug/To-Go Cup Plug Kit SE-261

39.95 ex VAT

We have the Travel Mug/To-Go Cup Plug Kit you have been waiting for. Create your cup today! This dynamic kit includes (1) roll of ⅜’’ inch high heat tape and (4) varying sizes of plugs, ranging from 1 ⅞‘’ to 4’’ in diameter and 1’’ to 1 ½’’ in depth.

Our Plug Kit is the only high temperature silicone plug kit on the market.

Red plug: Contour is 3 ¼’’ by 4’’ with a 1 ½’’ depth.
White plug: Contour is 3″ by 3 ½’’ with a 1 ½’’ depth.
Teal plug: Contour is 2 ¾’’ by 3 ¼’’ with a 1 ½’’ depth.
Blue plug: Contour is 1 ⅞’’ by 2 ¼’’ with a 1’’ depth.

These incredibly durable high temp silicone plugs are good for more than just cups. They can be used with scopes and binoculars, exhaust pipes, mugs, flashlights, vases, and more!

Plugs are designed to plug areas that you want to protect while spraying. Our plugs are rated up to 600°F (315°C).

Don’t miss your chance to perfect a coating experience and grab your plug kit today!

*This plug kit will work for Yeti, Rtic, Hydro Flask, Engel, Ozark Trail, Klean Kanteen, 50/50, Orca, Lit Coolers and more.

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