C Series Swatch Set 1 SE-2001

84.95 ex VAT

Cerakote Swatch Sets are a high demand, labor intensive item and can take up to two weeks to fulfill.

C Series Swatch Set 1 is the first Cerakote C Series swatch set. Swatch sets allow you and your customer to physically look at and touch the coating.

The C Series Swatch Set 1 includes:

  • Graphite Black C-102
  • Satin Mag C-103
  • Titanium C-105
  • Micro Slick C-110
  • Tungsten C-111
  • Cobalt C-112
  • Satin Nickel C-124
  • Hunter Orange C-128
  • Stainless C-129
  • Jet Black C-138
  • Bright White C-140
  • Stoplight Red C-143
  • Burnt Bronze C-148
  • Blue Flame C-158
  • Lollypop Purple C-163
  • Piston Coat C-186
  • Transfer Grey C-187
  • Blue Titanium C-189
  • 20150 Coyote C-190
  • Armor Black C-192
  • Sig® Dark Grey C-209
  • Desert Sand C-211
  • Highland Green C-215
  • Gun Metal Grey C-219
  • Patriot Brown C-226
  • Tactical Grey C-228
  • MagPul® Foliage Green C-231
  • MagPul® O.D. Green C-232
  • Sniper Grey C-239
  • Coyote Tan C-240
  • O.D. Green C-241
  • Hidden White C-242
  • Mil Spec O.D. Green C-244
  • Flat Dark Earth C-246
  • MagPul® FDE C-267
  • Vortex® Bronze C-293
  • FS Field Drab C-30118
  • FS Brown Sand C-30372
  • Black Velvet C-7300
  • Glacier Black C-7600
  • Glacier Silver C-7700
  • Glacier Gold C-7800
  • Glacier Titanium C-7900
  • Glacier Green C-8100

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