Iwata LPH80 Spray Gun Kit SE-138

274.95 ex VAT

The compact IWATA LPH80 is the ULTIMATE application spray gun for Cerakote products. The IWATA LPH80 will spray all Cerakote Coatings – including metallics – with ease.

Please note if you are using the In-Cup Mesh Strainer, you will need to purchase?the Aluminium Cup separately. The 100, 150 and 325 mesh strainers are designed to fit in the aluminium cup perfectly.

The IWATA LPH80 is center-mounted and includes:

  • 0.8 tip size
  • E4 air cap
  • 70cc plastic pot (OK for spraying Cerakote)
  • An adjustable spray pattern from round to full-fan shape
  • Spray pattern is adjustable from 1/8″ to 6″ (0.3 cm to 15.24 cm)
  • A stainless-steel nozzle, paint passage and heat-tempered needle to ensure long-lasting, peak-performance spraying

Using only 2 cfm at 14 psi, this low-air-consumption spray gun provides high atomization with precise control of the spray pattern with a minimum of overspray. This spray gun uses the reliable and easy-to-service cartridge-style “air-valve” set, which can be serviced outside the gun and easily placed back into the gun body. Unlike siphon-feed guns, this gravity-feed cup will work with small amounts of coating without spitting.

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