How to Store Cerakote Correctly

Thank you for your purchase of Cerakote. There are right and wrong ways to store your Cerakote and Catalyst bottles. For guaranteed 12 month shelf life please follow storing recommendations below.

Recommended storage environment for Cerakote

  • Room Temperature (68–72 °F)
  • Dry environment (<50% Humidity)
  • Artificial light or Dark area

Recommended storing units for Cerakote

  • Shop cabinets
  • Empty ice chest
  • Tote boxes
  • Refrigerator (unplugged)

Storing areas to avoid

  • Working refrigerator
  • Natural Light area (UV light)
  • Extreme heat (<80 °F)

We do NOT recommend storing Cerakote in a working refrigerator.Excessive moisture in a refrigerator will compromise Cerakote products if not properly sealed.