SATA Minijet With Aluminium Cup SE-3000

299.99 ex VAT

Introducing a collaboration between SATA UK and Cerakote EU!

For Cerakote application the SATA 3000 performs amazingly. So much so that we teamed up with SATA to bring it back exclusively for Cerakote customers with the addition of an aluminium cup.

The SATA Minijet 3000 HVLP includes:

  • 0.8 tip size
  • ADAM 2 Mini digital gauge compatible (Gauge not included)
  • 150ml Aluminium Pot that will fit Cerakote metal strainers
  • An adjustable spray pattern from either side of the gun to create round and full-fan.
  • CCS Colour Code System for quick and easy gun identification
  • Solid, quality build construction to ensure a long service life

The SATA 3000 minijet is a true workhorse that you can depend on, whilst still giving you high atomisation with outstanding control.

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