A.N.I. 2-Stage Breathing Filter Regulator SE-ANI-102

279.95 ex VAT

A.N.I. 2-Stage Filter Regulator. Up to 65°C

The A.N.I. 2-stage filter regulator combines the function of high capacity and high efficientcy filtering for spray guns. Suitable for use inside the spray booth and baking ovens making it ideal for the sprayer for breathing. The first stage of the filter is sintered bronze, which is necessary for separating out water and solid particles up to 40 microns. The second stage is designed for removing impurities such as water, residual oil concentration below 0.01 mg/m3 and solid particles up to 0.01 microns.

The unit frame is made with top quality materials and ensures perfect operation even in the presence of mists, solvents and high temperatures (up to 65°C). A pressure regulator built into the frame allows precise and constant adjustment of the inflowing air. It’s fitted with a trip system so that the regulating knob can be locked upon reaching the required pressure.

Maintenance of the unit is extremely simple thanks to the following devices;

  • A fully automatic drain mounted on the sintered filter unit
  • A semi-automatic drain for discharging oil residues
  • An indicator light consisting of a differential pressure gauge which shows the state of clogging of the filter cartridge mounted on the microfilter.

The filter has 1/2″ female input and outputs. The filter regulator comes with an output block that you can add an additional 4 connections to. For blocking plugs for the extra outputs, please see below in related products. The block can be removed and doesn’t come fitted already on the filter unit.

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