Matte Ceramic Clear MC-157

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Cerakote Ceramic Clears are the strongest clear coats on the market. Cerakote Matte Ceramic Clear (MC-157) is a lower viscosity version of our MC-160 and can be applied at lower film thicknesses (.25 mil) where tolerance is critical. Cerakote MC-157 leads the industry in hardness, chemical resistance, wear performance and UV stability. As a matte, air cured, ceramic clear coating, MC-157 can be used as a top coat over several materials such as metals, paints, composites, plastics, hydrographics, PVD and more. Click here to be sure you’re using the best Cerakote Clear for your project.

    • Thermal stability to 150°C
    • Ease of application
    • VOC exempt and can be sprayed in all 50 states
    • Tack free at 40 minutes
    • Dry after 24-hours (full cure after 5 days)
    • This coating excels in outdoor applications
    • 100% Inorganic Formulation is completely UV stable. Will not yellow or haze.

*NOTE: This product does not require catalyst. This colour does require a 100 Mesh Strainer (SE-275). Do not store this product in sunlight. Check out the Resources section for product application guides, technical data sheets and MSDS information.

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