Glacier Silver C-7700

1.19409.00 ex VAT

Unsurpassed. No other word can adequately describe Cerakote Glacier Silver C-7700. Formulated to withstand internal exhaust gas temperatures up to 1,800° Fahrenheit and thermal shock from those temperatures directly into water with no adverse effects. C-7700 retains its bright silver, sleek satin finish in the most extreme environments. Cerakote Glacier Series coatings are a line of air cured, ready-to-spray ceramic coatings.


  • Easy to apply, single coat, air cure formula
  • 70% solids yields higher coverage than normal high temperature coatings
  • Exceptionally bright metallic luster. Our brightest silver finish.
  • Self-leveling properties

*NOTE: This product does not require catalyst. This color does require a 100 Mesh Strainer (SE-275).


  • Better thermal barrier properties than any other high temperature coatings
  • Industry leading heated and un-heated corrosion resistance
  • Maximum hot and cold adhesion

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